Libby St. Louis

Painting is my passion. It stirs my creativity and brings me peace and tranquility.
I have enjoyed painting with watercolours and acrylics and have used oils in the past.   I am a realist and enjoy landscapes, seascapes and florals. I have been studying  figurative expressionism and portraiture and expect these will become an important  addition to my portfolio.  I love to paint!

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    • Peoples Choice 2015
      May 1, 2015 | 2:34 pm

      Peoples Choice “Foreign Lands”

      First place
      Michael Goguen
      (Mount Fuji with Cherry Blossoms)

      Second place
      Roseanne Facchin
      (Cara Venezia)

      Third place
      Aud Karin Sund
      (Chinese Wisdom)


      Peoples Choice “Being Canadian”

      First place
      Aud Karin Sund
      (Red Tulips)Sonja Tavares

      Second place
      Stephanie Robertson
      (Glimpses of the Rock)Mike Goguen
      (H2O)Inge Whelan


      Third place
      John Edkins
      (Parliament Hill)Kat McClure
      (Northern Exposure)Sheila Whelan
      (Canadian Maples)


      Peoples Choice “The Art of Music”

      Tied for First place
      Rosemary Holt
      (Graphite Drawing – “Where’s The Music?”)Sonia Tavares
      (“Dancers” acrylic painting)

      Second place
      John Edkins
      (Photography “Busker” and “Diner”)

      Third place
      Beverley Lafortune
      (Photography – Fortissimo Farewell)


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