Preston Zaborowski

Preston Zaborowski is a self taught artist and currently lives in Ottawa. He works in many mediums ranging from oils and acrylics to photography and metal art. Throughout his many years living in the Mojave Desert his artistic foundation stemmed from the inspiration of life’s lessons and thoughtful abstractions of those experiences.

More of his work can be found at

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    • Peoples Choice 2014
      February 1, 2014 | 2:34 pm

      Peoples Choice “Budding Life”

      First place
      Sonia Tavares
      (Go With The Wind)

      Second place
      Stephen Harrison
      (Fall Chickadee)

      Third place
      Michael Goguen
      (The Great Gates of Kiev)

      Peoples Choice “The Awakening”

      First place
      Sonia Tavares
      (Magician’s Box)

      Second place
      Beverley Lafortune
      (Sun Streaks)

      Third place
      Patrick Bourke
      (Time Served)Michael Goguen
      (The Old Castle)Stephen Harrison
      (Death Aquatic)

      Peoples Choice “Nature’s Silent Slumber”

      First place
      Gerald Smith
      (The Cold Atlantic)

      Second place
      John Edkins
      (Nature’s Silent Slumber)Sonia Tavares

      Third place
      Kat McClure
      (Storm on the Horizon)Trudy Daly
      (Winter in Gatineau Park)Louise Barker
      (End of Day)

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