owaa Nov 2nd Exhibition:

Sacred Heart Catholic High School GR.12 Art Students Visit owaa gallery Dec.1, 2011 to discuss ” 3′s the Charm ” Exhibition with artists.

Ross Connor with painting ” 3 Paths to Success ”
with SHCHS art student student NIk Yasinski

Kathy McClure (rt) with painting ” 3 in 1 ”
with SHCHS art student Ellen Babb (lt)

Ana Maria Rutenberg (rt) with painting ” Triple Splendour ”
with SHCHS art students (L to R) Ellen Babb, Julia Smythe, and Kelly-Ann Warner

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    • Peoples Choice 2014 – 2015
      February 1, 2014 | 2:34 pm

      Peoples Choice “Being Canadian”

      First place
      Aud Karin Sund
      (Red Tulips)Sonja Tavares

      Second place
      Stephanie Robertson
      (Glimpses of the Rock)Mike Goguen
      (H2O)Inge Whelan

      Third place
      John Edkins
      (Parliament Hill)Kat McClure
      (Northern Exposure)Sheila Whelan
      (Canadian Maples)

      Peoples Choice “The Art of Music”

      Tied for First place
      Rosemary Holt
      (Graphite Drawing – “Where’s The Music?”)Sonia Tavares
      (“Dancers” acrylic painting)

      Second place
      John Edkins
      (Photography “Busker” and “Diner”)

      Third place
      Beverley Lafortune
      (Photography – Fortissimo Farewell)

      Peoples Choice “White is in the Winter Night”

      First place
      Alain Bernard
      (Soiree au Canal)

      Second place
      Aud Karin Sund
      (Dreamy Winter)
      Sonia Tavares
      (Open The Window)

      Third place
      Trudy Daley
      (Snow is Glistening and Summer Bouquet)John Edkins
      (Winter Night #2)Josie Walsh
      (Country Church)

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