owaa Nov 2nd Exhibition:

Sacred Heart Catholic High School GR.12 Art Students Visit owaa gallery Dec.1, 2011 to discuss ” 3′s the Charm ” Exhibition with artists.

Ross Connor with painting ” 3 Paths to Success ”
with SHCHS art student student NIk Yasinski

Kathy McClure (rt) with painting ” 3 in 1 ”
with SHCHS art student Ellen Babb (lt)

Ana Maria Rutenberg (rt) with painting ” Triple Splendour ”
with SHCHS art students (L to R) Ellen Babb, Julia Smythe, and Kelly-Ann Warner

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    • Peoples Choice 2013-2014
      February 1, 2013 | 2:34 pm

      Peoples Choice “”Nature’s Silent Slumber”

      First place
      Gerald Smith
      (The Cold Atlantic)

      Second place
      John Edkins
      (Nature’s Silent Slumber)Sonia Tavares

      Third place
      Kat McClure
      (Storm on the Horizon)Trudy Daly
      (Winter in Gatineau Park)Louise Barker
      (End of Day)

      Peoples Choice “Anticipating Winter”

      First place
      Louise Barker
      (Winter Through the Window)

      Second place
      Michael Goguen
      (The Quest of the Maji)

      Third place
      Stephen Harris
      (Rideau Centre Light)Josef Pitner
      (Majestic Barn)Gerald Smith
      (The Hindenburg Over Cape Sable)Vera Van Baaren
      (Last Rays)

      Peoples Choice “Indian Summer”

      First place
      Trudy Daley
      (Lover`s Sunset)

      Second place
      Michael Goguen

      Third place
      Joe Aragona
      (Mercury Blues)Lou Barker
      (Good Pickings)Kat McClure
      (Window on the World)Sylvie Sabourin

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