The Ottawa West Arts Association (OWAA)


Mission Statement

The mission of the OWAA and the owaa gallery is to increase the awareness, appreciation and promotion of the visual arts in the community by providing a valuable and rewarding experience for artists/artisans, art patrons, and the general public.


Long Term Goals

The long term goals of the OWAA and the owaa gallery are to provide opportunities for the youth and adult community and local artists/artisans; to hold workshops and classes for further development; and to establish a recognized stand-alone gallery to serve the Ottawa west area.



The Stittsville Steering Committee was formed in November 2007.  The founding members of this committee were Sue Perley-Robertson, John Madden, Louise Barker, Beverly Ashford, and Gerald Smith.  During November 2007, Terry Sametz was invited to join the SSC as a Consultant.  The Stittsville Steering Committee’s name was changed in December 2007 to the Goulbourn Recreation Complex (GRC) Gallery X Steering Committee consisting of the same members.  This Committee presented a proposal to Councillor Qadri, Ward 6, Tessie Boretos, Portfolio Manager, Visual and Creative Arts Program, City of Ottawa, and the Stittsville Village Association (SVA).

With the support of Councillor Qadri, Tessie Boretos and the SVA, the GRC Gallery X Steering Committee along with a group of local artists and volunteer residents proceeded to form the Ottawa try here West Arts Association (hereinafter called OWAA) in May 2008.  The Executive then began formulating plans to develop an exhibition space in the GRC, Phase II Expansion.  The OWAA logo designed by OWAA member Anna Funnekotter, was voted for and adopted by the membership in July 2008.  The exhibition spaces were named owaa gallery by a vote of the OWAA membership, and was opened 1 November 2008.