The Ottawa West Arts Association (OWAA)


Membership Requirements

Membership is open to artists (including painters, photographers and sculptors) 18 years of age and older living within a 150 kilometre radius of Ottawa.  To become and remain a member, the person must: (a) pay membership dues; (b) serve as a volunteer in some capacity; (c) consent to the terms decribed in the Payment & Waiver Form, and; (d) follow all the rules governing the OWAA.

Membership Fee & Commission Fee

The membership fee is $40 for the period 1 September to 31 August.  There is a 15% commission on sales.

How to Join the OWAA

Please contact our Membership Coordinator, Wendy Murray, to obtain a membership registration form and to arrange dues payment.  Phone: 613-435-5075 or 613-266-0044.  Email:


Membership Benefits

Exhibitions – There will be 6 exhibitions in the owaa gallery between 1 September and 31 August.  Members may display one or two large (max size 40″x36″) artpieces in each exhibition and display a smaller piece (max size 14″x14″).

High-Definition TV– The owaa gallery has a 40″ 4K TV for displaying Members’ artwork in a revolving slideshow.

Virtual Exhibitions – There are online slideshows of all artworks displayed in the owaa gallery.   In addition to this, there are virtual exhibitions for those that wish to sell their artworks online.

Special Events – There will be special exhibition/sales events yearly to promote art sales.

OWAA Website – The OWAA Website (this site) is the online face of the Ottawa West Arts Association.  It contains bios and personal galleries of members, galleries of the current and past exhibitions, and galleries featuring members’ artwork.

Artists Catalogue – The Artists Catalogue contains one-page bios of members and is displayed in the owaa gallery.

Leadership Opportunities – Apply, or develop, your leadership skills by volunteering for one of the many leadership opportunities.

Discounts – Members receive a 10% discount when buying framing services at Walkerworks Picture Framing, 2 Beverly Street, Stittsville.

Members’ Handbook – For more information, please refer to the OWAA Members’ Handbook.